Informações Principais
Acadêmico(a): Mayco Andrey Ranghetti
Título: Simulador de Tráfego de Automóveis em Uma Malha Rodoviária: Versão 2.0
This work consists of an extension to the Vehicles Traffic Control Simulator in a Road Mesh developed by Jocemar Freire (FREIRE, 2004). Adaptations to the code source developed for Freire had been to extend some functionalities and also to correct inconsistencies observed in the simulator. The main extension was the creation of a controlled vehicle for the user and the introduction of the third dimension (3D) in the definition of stretches, thus making possible the representation and the visualization of viaducts. In the development of the simulator the programming environment Delphi 7 was used using the routines of the OpenGl library for the graphical representation of the streets and vehicles.